1100ml TC Autofoam Soap Dispenser - White

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  • Designed to provide touch-free operation that reduces the risk of contamination, 
  • Rubbermaid’s AutoFoam Dispenser is an attractive and economical solution to providing effective hand hygiene. 
  • Capable of dispensing up to 2,750 doses of concentrated foam per refill, and with industry leading battery-life of 3 years, the AutoFoam dispenser not only reassures staff, customers or visitors that hand hygiene and safety are taken seriously, but also provides excellent return on investment
  • Touch-free operation helps control the growth of microorganisms on the skin, and prevents the spread of contaminants to other users
  • Hygienically sealed refills ensure that soaps and sanitisers remain fresh and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • Cost-effective dosing control provides up to 2,750 of concentrated hand-hygiene solution doses per 1100ml refill
  • Administers rich foam to ensure total hand coverage with each application
  • LED indicator helps identify when refills or batteries need replacing
  • Lockable design protects refills and batteries from theft, and reduces the likelihood of vandalism
  • New pump supplied with each refill reduces the risk of mess, clogs and leaks
  • Industry-leading battery life is capable of lasting up to 3 years, or 120,000 hand washes
  • Flexible hand hygiene solution is ideal for a range of environments, including washrooms, offices, retail, catering, hospitality and many more
  • ADA compliant force one-handed operation
  • Comes with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Up to 30x more capacity than other foam systems
  • Up to 5x more hand washes than traditional bag-in-box

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